Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Now

Its been very long since I blogged... laziness I guess..

Life is a routine. Wake up in the morning.... send kids to the paper.. household chores.. watch Masterchef and Greys Anatomy on Star World.... sit around doing nothing.. Abhinav comes from school..sit around some more.. eat ..siesta... then Tarun comes.. give them the evening snack.. clean up.. homework..George comes.. then dinner.. clean up and sleep... and the whole thing repeats itself...

I have decided that I will do something for my self (excluding the TV viewing, which is surely for my self  :) )  - start blogging  - again - The friends who used to check my blog never do so now  I guess... Its been too long..

There was this time... when I used to go to office.. . I used to check a list of blogs.. that I always read...and then only start my work... but now..I have all the time in the world... but not doing anything...

Yes.. I will !!!

1 comment:

Bharathi said...

Happened to click your blog link after ages :-) Hope to catch up some time soon. And, I thought I was the only one watching Grey's Anatomy!